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The Dot Collab [ United Collab ]

Posted by Yunguy1 - August 27th, 2012

Hello, everyone! Yun here with an announcement to everyone on Newgrounds!

Over the past years of browsing and animating, I've noticed a lot of collaborations going on from Doors 3 to 60 Frame collab. From Rushed 3 to 6^2. I was pretty impressed by the creativity and the amount of people that join, but there was something that made them bland.... It was still strict and mono sited.

So, me and a couple of other guys from multiple websites came together on Skype and were just talking. That's when I brought up a new collaboration idea. It was not related with a dot, but just an open space. As I was describing more about the collab idea, my friend Tyler brought up a dot. At first I was intrigued... That's when I thought of this present collaboration : The Dot Collaboration.

A brief explanation : Basically, it's an open canvas with a small black dot in the middle. Come in from anywhere, animate whatever you can think of or anything, JUST ANYTHING, and leave anywhere. Simple enough? Yes.

I have already got in several popular sites that you guys might recognize. From Stickpage, Maplemation, Maple-Radio, SektorzNET, TheSpritas, and many more! All from full body to stick to sprite animating! There are many other people that uses different programs from Maya, Blender, TISFAT, Pivot, and Flash. Even Fireworks is involved! With so many people, sites, and programs in use, this may be the new Doors 3 collaboration!

If you seem interested, come to the thread!
The Dot Collaboration Thread

If you have any questions, list them down in the comments below!

[ If you have any questions on the due date, it is decided, but may change. As of now, it's November 5th. ]

[ Youtube will soon be a part of the collaboration! :D ]

Hope you people are interested, and also... May you guys animate with brilliance and creativity. Yun, Out~

The Dot Collab [ United Collab ]

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I can't find "Doors 3" on Newgrounds, so just to fill everyone in, here it is:

<a href="http://www.stickpage.com/doors3.shtml">http://www.stickpage.com/doors3.shtml</a>

Cant wait to see it!

Hello, collab master! =D

Hello there! :D

i dont like ponies :l

And when does this ever relate to ponies? Seriously, I'm only trying to spread the word by inviting as many people in this united collab. Just because my avatar is a pony doesn't mean you just have to randomly post a comment saying, "I dont like ponies :|". Seriously, get real.