The DOT Progress News

2012-10-10 14:57:05 by Yunguy1

We have confirmed that we are now over the 10 minute mark of the collaboration! Just several more minutes over and we beat the Doors 3 general animation length, making the DOT collaboration the world's largest animation collaboration in art history!! :D

If you want to help us out with making the DOT collab go further, join the collaboration here!

Everything you need to know about the collab is on there.

The DOT Progress News


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2012-10-10 16:16:13

If I double posted i'm sorry i just can't see what i posted.


2012-10-10 16:54:36

I came for the pony and stayed for the dot. Really cool! If only I knew how to animate... I look forward to seeing this come out!


2012-10-11 06:06:53

i will think on something...


2012-10-12 00:03:48

i just come here cause i saw a happy rienbhsd in this place

Yunguy1 responds:

Jeez, now I know how many of 4 are bronies. o.o


2012-10-12 10:44:55

Count me in! ;)

Yunguy1 responds:

Awesome! Just make a part and PM me. I will then see if it substantial. C: