The DOT Heads Up!

2012-11-16 02:35:15 by Yunguy1

Hey guys! It's Yun here to bring you guys some news on DOT! With DOT on it's way in being compiled, I'd be more than happy to say that this collab is a huge success and is the World's Largest United Animation Collaboration 2012!

With the collaboration estimated to be longer than 14 minutes, this collab is sure to give you guys a sense of what we can do to bring ourselves together from stick animators to full-body animators. We've also got a 3D part from a friend of mine and seems to be the ONLY 3D part ever received. :o

The collaboration's expected release date is around to be as a Christmas present or a New Years Gift. Either those two are to be the likely release dates. If I can compress the collaboration swf and video into a good size, I'm sure it'll be released on the scheduled time. [ Note that everyone is suggesting this collaboration to be released in one huge file, which is gonna be VERY hard to do. ] If I can't do it in one file, I'm gonna be releasing the HD version of the collaboration one by one, Part I to Part VI in scheduled times.

Below are the collaboration specs so far. I can't wait to release this collaboration and I hope you guys are, too! :D

The collab progress :

Part I : Done
Part II : Done
Part III : Done
Part IV : Progress.
Part V : Not Started.
Part VI* : Maybe.

Estimated Time Length w/ Credits : 20-24 minutes long.
Total Parts : 77 and Counting
Previous Record : 60+ / 16 minutes / RUSHED4
Previous Previous Record : 100+ / 13 minutes / Doors 3

Sites Involved :
Double Rainboom

Total Sites : 10

Record Broken? : Maybe. Not in parts, but making to be the World's Largest Animation Collaboration 2012.

Expected release date? : 12-23-12 or 1-1-13

The DOT Heads Up!


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2012-11-16 07:26:14

WTF WHY FACEBOOK? Haha, just kidding. Good job on 10 sites.


2012-11-16 11:00:28

Awesome! I should've submitted something. Meh, I didn't think any other collab could have been longer than doors 3.

Yunguy1 responds:

Actually RUSHED4 pulled off 16 minutes where Doors 3 was 13 minutes. DOT is expected to be about 20 minutes. >->


2012-11-16 12:08:44

haha thespritas i remember that site


2012-11-16 12:10:26

you like MATT AND KIM?????!